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Buffer to buffer            845 mm x 545 mm

Height                                         1015 mm

Emergency Crash Cart XL

  • Techical Specification

    • The frame is constructed from high-quality aluminum. The left side, right side, and back panels are made from this material and coated with electrostatic powder for a smooth and protective finish.

    • The table of the crash cart is made of durable ABS material and features guardrails on three sides. It is molded in a single piece for enhanced structural integrity.

    • The crash cart’s table is equipped with a telescopic infusion stand and a rotating tray. The rotating tray is retractable and adjustable, allowing for flexible use. Additionally, the left side of the trolley features a concealed ABS writing board for easy recording, while the right side is equipped with a hidden recovery board.

    • The crash cart includes six drawers, each uniquely designed with handles of distinctive shape. The drawers are organized using a color separation system, facilitating efficient storage and retrieval of medical supplies.

    • The crash cart is equipped with casters, which have a diameter of 125mm. These high-quality casters ensure smooth and easy mobility of the cart, contributing to its overall functionality.

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