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• Height adjustment, Trendlenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg adjustments are effortlessly accessable through foot pedals.


• Backrest is adjustable through preasure release mechanism.Kneerest adjustable with the help of super smooth crank lever.


• Collapsible type aluminium side rails helps in easy mobility and comfort. • 5” Heavy duty castor wheels with central locking brakes, buffers on all four corners for shock absorption.


• 4” High density waterproof mattress with four splits.


• Urine bag holder and heavy duty I.V. pole with provision for it on all four sides


• 5TH wheel function for ease of quick mobility and high raised hand grip comes in handy at crucial situations.

ER Trolley

  • Size Table

    Buffer to Buffer 2150 mm x 860 mm
    Mattress Platform 1960 mm x 600 mm
    Backrest 0° - 75°
    Maximum Height (incl. Mattress) 1210 mm
    Minimum Height (incl. Mattress) 900 mm
    Trendelenburg -15° - 0°
    Reverse Trendelenburg 0° - 13°


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