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3000+ Hospital Bed for COVID-19. South India's Fastest Production.

The novel coronavirus COVID-19 has put our country in a difficult state. Nevertheless, the government of India has taken extraordinary measures in controlling the spread. But, It happens that our country which doesn't have an advanced healthcare system like the first world nations might suffer worse if we aren't acting quick. As informed by government officials like the rest of the world India too is suffering from a shortage of ventilators, ICU beds and other vital medical equipment.

We at imedfurns as a manufacturer of Hospital ICU beds have taken up the challenge of supporting the government in this time of crisis. We were asked to produce more than 3000 ICU beds within a span of 10 working days. It was indeed a very tough job but we were able to tackle it with the help of our wonderful workforce and highly supportive suppliers. At the end of 10 working days, we were able to supply 3000+ beds and also have taken the next phase of the project. We hope to support our country and government to fight against the coronavirus.


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