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Delhi Medicall 2023

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Before the expo, we had been working tirelessly on our latest creation – C10. It was a product born out of a desire to revolutionize Indian healthcare system. The Medicall Delhi 2023 was a great place for us to unveil our new product - C10 and from Doctors to Minions, everyone was trying and testing out our C10 and they all said one thing in common "It is fantastic"

C10 - The Smartest bed on the planet, lives up to its title as this bed can detect patient's heartbeat and respiratory without being connected to any wires and one of the most prominent feature about this bed is that it can auto adjust backrest without any nurse intervention when the patient is struggling for breath. Apart from that, bed that had the ability to connect to the HMS via WiFi / Bluetooth and would be able to transmit data to and fro, thus keeping all thing under one roof and easier to access. As usual, The expo was such a blast, tending to our customers and elevating their hospital status !


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