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Mumbai Medicall 2022

After relentlessly serving our community with a ready supply of medical beds and having supplied about 3000 beds during the pandemic all over voice, It was good to meet our people in person after 2 long years of restrictions.

The Medicall Mumbai 2022 was the first Medical Expo after the pandemic and we were happy to be a part of it. The last Medicall Mumbai that happened was about 2 years ago and I should say that we did have a very good and warm welcoming last time. Well this time is no different, Mumbai loves imedfurns, The crowd were happy to see us and so were we, As it is in this Expo that we unveiled our Market ready variant of our Clever Care™ Range The C8.

The C8, The first of its kind, is a smart bed that had the ability to connect to the HMS via WiFi / Bluetooth and would be able to transmit data to and fro, Some of its loved features are the Weighing scale, The Patient information chart, Patient fall alarm etc. To know more about the C8 Click here

Also gracing the expo was our existing best sellers, The IMED4031, IMED C8S, IMED4030 and IMED6004XL

The expo, as always helped us connect to our customers and reach further into the future.


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