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Our CleverCare™ Smart Beds make safer environment

imedfurns | CleverCare™ Range

Hospital beds are where most patients spend the majority of their time, after all, our new "smart beds," help patients stay safe, while "smart" capabilities help nurses analyze information and improve patient care. The beds connect to EMR networks to send patient data and help nurses monitor patient statistics such as movement and weight changes.

One major focus of “smart bed” advances is improving patient safety and comfort throughout a potentially lengthy hospital stay. Though patient safety has always been a focus, the Affordability of such safe care has always been a big problem, Specially in a country like India.

As it is, there are only a few big foreign players who have the range of Smart beds and the cost of those are unimaginably high, higher than that of the value of an average Indian home at times.

At imedfurns, We believe technological advancements must be made affordable to everybody, specially in the medical industry and so we at imedfurns took this as our new research project and have developed our new range of CleverCare™ beds at less than one tenth cost of those foreign beds although maintaining the same level of specifications.

We believe that our CleverCare bed could make a considerate improvement in the healthcare industry. Our prototype was recently displayed to public for the first time in Medicall 2019, which is the largest medical exhibition in India and the responses we got were remarkable.

We are planing on the official launch of our CleverCare™ Bed by the end of the calendar year 2019

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