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Buffer to Buffer      2165 mm x 1080 mm
Mattress Platform 1940 mm x 865 mm
Backrest                     0° - 75°
Knee-rest                   0° - 25°
Max. Height (Incl. Mattress)   930mm
Min. Height (Incl. Mattress)    570mm
Trendelenburg                             19°
Reverse Trendelenburg               19°


  • Technical Specification


    •Experience seamless patient monitoring with our innovative contactless heart rate and vitals monitoring system. The IMED-C10 accurately tracks vital signs while patients lie comfortably without wires.

    • Equipped with a 10-inch OLED display, the IMED-C10 ensures crystal-clear visuals for medical staff. The intuitive interface enhances the user experience, providing easy access to critical information. Stay up-to-date with the touch display, accessing patient information, medical records, and diagnostic results in real time. (Optional API integration with your institution·s EMR system is available for added convenience.)

    • The touch display includes a comprehensive status block, offering real-time updates on critical parameters like heart rate, respiration rate, weight, sleep quality, low height indication, and sensor status.

    • The Auto-backrest feature adjusts the bed's backrest to a 30-degree angle or a predetermined angle during respiration struggles.

    • With advanced sensor technology, the IMED-C10 detects patient exits and potential falls, prioritizing patient safety. It also displays the patient's weight for continuous monitoring. Functions of the bed include Height, Backrest, Knee-rest, Trendelenburg, Reverse Trendelenburg, Cardiac chair, Examination, and shock position.

    • The IMED-C10 prioritizes user convenience with controls on side rails for both patients and nurses. Newly designed split-type ABS side rails with angle indicators add to the bed's ease of use. The ABS head and foot boards are removable for easy cleaning. Safety features include manual CPR levers and electronic CPR buttons on the handset, nurse's panel, and side rails. The bed comes with a reliable battery backup function, ensuring uninterrupted care during power failures.

    • The ABS material on the top allows effortless cleaning and X-ray permeability for medical imaging. Sleek and heavy-duty central locking castor wheels provide smooth movement. Neoprene rubber bumpers offer added safety. The 4" High density mattress ensures a comfortable and hygienic experience. Its four-sectional design allows easy adjustments, and the bed includes a urine bag holder and heavy-duty I.V. pole for convenience.

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