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Buffer to Buffer                         2375 mm x 1050 mm

Mattress Platform                     1905 mm x 875 mm

Backrest                                     0° - 75°

Max. Height (Incl. Mattress)     970 mm

Min. Height (Incl. Mattress)      600 mm

Trendelenburg                          20°

Reverse Trendelenburg            13°


  • Techical Specification

    • The Height, Backrest, Kneerest, Trendelenburg, Reverse Trendelenburg, Cardiac chair, Examination & shock position are done by a sophisticated remote controller. The bed functions through quiet and super smooth electric motors. Calf elevations can be adjusted manually using ratchet.

    • The bed comes with controls on side rails both inside and outside for both patients and nurses to use. Newly designed split type ABS side rails with angle indicators. Angle indicators are provided for both backrest and trendelenburg adjustments. ABS head and foot boards can be removed for easy cleaning and other necessary purposes.

    • Manual CPR lever is provided on both the side of the bed for times of emergency and electronic CPR button is provided on handset, nurses pannel and on side rails.

    • The bed comes with battery backup function so that at times of power failure the bed can be used with ease.

    • The top of the bed is made of ABS material which can be easily detached from the bed for clean- ing. The ABS top of the bed is X ray permeable. X-ray cassette is optional.

    • 5” sleek & heavy duty central locking castor wheels which applies brake to all 4 wheels with just a press with the leg. The corners of the bed is provided with neoprene rubber bumpers for shock absorption.

    • The bed comes with a  Preasure neutralising 4” High density mattress with Antimicrobial, Flame retardant and water re- pellent properties. The mattress is four sectional for easy adjustments. Urine bag holder & heavy duty I.V. pole provided.

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